Hunti ist jetzt mein zweiter TWH, der erste, Camots ist vor 3 Jahren gestorben, davor hatte ich einen Labrador. Alle Rüden, alle adoptiert, die beiden TWHs mit je 2 1/2, Labrador James mit 5… So. Einen “normalen” Hund, wie einen Labrador in meine Welt einzuladen und auf ein gutes Zusammenleben anzupassen, kann Herausforderungen bieten, wird […]

Meeting wolfes

Three weeks update – Hunti

Hunti is with me now. The Beginning.

Special Forces

Special Forces… Wolves!
Elite Canadian Wolves Airdropped Into Michigan to Kill Moose and Have Babies
The new arrivals bring the total wolf population of Isle Royale National Park to eight.

How WOLVES can co-operate with humans just like dogs

How WOLVES can co-operate with humans just like dogs

Fare well, my friend Camots.

Yesterday was the day I buried Camots. I found him a beautiful place on a hill in a fresh planted forest – and since he loved dirtbikes so much close to a Motocross track.


You had the purest soul, the biggest heart, the coolest outfit and were always up for creating some trouble. We will miss you and never forget – and hopefully we will meet again.

Off to the South…