The US is entering WW3 on the information battlefield

The US is entering WW3 on the information battlefield: The US created the “Disinformation Governance Board, reporting directly to Homeland Security. And the EU is joining the party. On Wednesday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified during a budget hearing of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security that a Disinformation Governance Board had recently been created to fight […]

Command & Conquer – Countdown for “Remastered” high res release

I have been a huge “C&C” fan. With friends we used to spend endless nights fighting epic battles. We mostly used our office network (and computers…) or met in dedicated “internet cafés” – that differentiated themselves with networked gaming hardware and where 99 percent of the customers were playing c&c (while smoking cigarettes or eating […]

Alexa, you slut…

Congratulations…, Amazon’s Alexa is not only bravely tolerating your abuse, it is also making sure that Amazon employees in Romanian chat rooms have something to laugh about: YOU. “When something like that happens, they may share the experience in the internal chat room as a way of relieving stress. Amazon says it has procedures in […]

Boeing crisis – Are 346 people dead because of “Business Decisions” @ Boeing?

So many questions… (Boeing) – Will there be a criminal investigation? Now that there are hundreds of people dead, families destroyed and everyone worried about air-travel? – have the cost savings and “cutting corners” been driven by greed or incompetence? – did the Boeing CEO really pocket a $30 million salary last year? – are the crashes caused by design flaws of the Boeing 737 Max? – is the over 40 years old design of the airframe up for today’s tasks? – have the pilots been trained sufficiently and are there simulators available for this aircraft? – Why did it take a 2nd crash for the world to wake up?- Who will ever (voluntarily…) enter a Boeing aircraft again?

another brick in the wall 2.0 – smartphone use and social media consumption

The 2019 version of creating / managing the sheep… “Another brick in the wall” – 2.0 Often, when I take the metro or the bus, I am watching people. 90% of those I see there have their eyes glued to their smartphone – independent from age, style or type. Sometime I position myself so I […]



Inside Facebook’s ‘cult-like’ workplace

Inside Facebook’s ‘cult-like’ workplace, where dissent is discouraged and employees pretend to be happy all the time

SCREEN real estate…

What’s next after the smartphone? “Trillion dollar market” “Insatiable appetite: But both our appetite and capacity for digesting visual information is tremendous. We love screens, and the bigger the better.” “10 years”…  

Showing off… With a smartphone…?

Showing off… With a smartphone…?