Three weeks update – Hunti

Hunti is with me now. The Beginning.

Some of my video work

Check out some of the video I have edited / created.
Warning: some porn here… 😉 (Enduro-Porn!)

Non-toy scooter

And KTM would be the 2nd motorbike brand (after BMW) to introduce one – while the bicycle world is still asleep…
It looks like riding rougher surfaces (cobblestone, gravel) would be possible, but even more important: one of the biggest headaches of the scooter sharing industry would be solved – WINTER.

Test Media Clipping

Verteidigungsministerin von der Leyen steht vor einer ihrer schwersten Niederlagen. Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen hat Finanzminister Scholz ihre Wünsche nach einem deutlich höheren Bundeswehrbudget abgeschmettert.

test card share plugin

test for card share pluginexample some wordpress pluginsfor news sites…

@ work

hacking-in some thoughts at the beach 🏖

Visit Lisboa

don’t rent a car, rent a bicycleuse metro, tram ferry and bus, but get a pre-paid “zipper” cardthe metro (and some of the busses) are deafening loud, many busses have worn out engines and – more importantly – worn out suspensions – if you have a fragile back, reconsider and stick to the car… 😉