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Hunti ist jetzt mein zweiter TWH, der erste, Camots ist vor 3 Jahren gestorben, davor hatte ich einen Labrador. Alle Rüden, alle adoptiert, die beiden TWHs mit je 2 1/2, Labrador James mit 5… So. Einen “normalen” Hund, wie einen Labrador in meine Welt einzuladen und auf ein gutes Zusammenleben anzupassen, kann Herausforderungen bieten, wird […]

Out there… with the CRAZIES

Yesterday I went out with the “crazies”… Martin asked me to come along for a scouting mission – to connect a few trails in a new area. And sometimes they bring me along as a guinea pig, to see  how “less skilled” riders do on their new lines. I am a Bronze class rider at […]

Three months update (ca. 1000km) on my first e-mtb

It took FOREVER for me to flip the switch and decide on my first e-mtb: Over a year – of more or less frustrating research and testing had passed (more here) – until I finally found what I was looking for. I decided for the Haibike “Dwnhll 9.0”. Haibike, is a brand that had never […]