Some Photos – Hunter

This is Hunter, my baby and best buddy. The Photos:

Three weeks update – Hunti

Hunti is with me now. The Beginning.


For many of us, plastic-pollution of the oceans is one of the most gut wrenching topics of our time. We have seen heartbreaking photos of animals killed by swallowed plastic waste or strangled by beer-can nets. And most people are not just sitting back and complain – but actually do join cleaning crews that pick […]

Helmet law

Just read this article (and the comments) about different helmet laws in different US states. I am ALWAYS wearing a helmet when getting on a motorcycle. HOWEVER .. Do we really need the law to enforce it? Sometimes I am doing far more dangerous stuff on a bicycle – without wearing a helmet. . Where […]

Micro Mobility / Last Mile transportation

20 years ago, I made my choice for “last mile transportation” bought a longboard (skate) and learned how to ride it.I never saw the need to park close to the office or home – and despise people who drive loops on the shopping centre parking until they found a spot close to the entrance.

another brick in the wall 2.0 – smartphone use and social media consumption

The 2019 version of creating / managing the sheep… “Another brick in the wall” – 2.0 Often, when I take the metro or the bus, I am watching people. 90% of those I see there have their eyes glued to their smartphone – independent from age, style or type. Sometime I position myself so I […]

BMW moto ad in a `57 local Swiss newspaper

Check out this cool BMW motorcycle ad from 1957!! I found it in the attic of a house I used to own in Switzerland. The paper was from the same region – and I added the opposite page below. Enjoy.  

The CDC is studying e-scooter injuries

The CDC is studying e-scooter injuries
‘This is kind of like a disease outbreak investigation,’ one Austin health official said