Some Photos – Hunter

This is Hunter, my baby and best buddy. The Photos:

Three weeks update – Hunti

Hunti is with me now. The Beginning.

BMW moto ad in a `57 local Swiss newspaper

Check out this cool BMW motorcycle ad from 1957!! I found it in the attic of a house I used to own in Switzerland. The paper was from the same region – and I added the opposite page below. Enjoy.  

Visit Lisboa

don’t rent a car, rent a bicycleuse metro, tram ferry and bus, but get a pre-paid “zipper” cardthe metro (and some of the busses) are deafening loud, many busses have worn out engines and – more importantly – worn out suspensions – if you have a fragile back, reconsider and stick to the car… 😉

Off to the South…

Camots – beginnings

It all started, when I passed an animal shelter on a beautiful day of motorbike riding in February…The place is located on a hill overseeing a beautiful valley with a river – so I thought I might as well take a break and say hi to few imprisoned puppies.

Hi, I am CAMOTS!

Hi, my name is Camots and I rule! I am a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, born 06.May 2008 and I have beautiful ears, they are very special 😉