Helmet law

Just read this article (and the comments) about different helmet laws in different US states. I am ALWAYS wearing a helmet when getting on a motorcycle. HOWEVER .. Do we really need the law to enforce it? Sometimes I am doing far more dangerous stuff on a bicycle – without wearing a helmet. . Where […]

Scott Englund “Never ride alone”

not too bad. Scott Englund “Never ride alone…” trailer Epic visuals and some good Enduro porn. Quote: “This is how I truly live – and most likely how I die.”  

lane splitting

I just read an article about lane splitting to become legal in Utah. And some funny comments about “jeleaus car drivers”  . Just go to France or Portugal and see how it’s done. Everyone daring enough to move on 2 wheels gets from A to B quickly and the drivers with 4 wheels are thankful […]

Some of my video work

Check out some of the video I have edited / created.
Warning: some porn here… 😉 (Enduro-Porn!)