3 Interesting news pieces about wolves:

  1. Stunning images of free Romanian wolves (I think Carpathian wolf)
    Funny how similar they look to the guy guarding my kitchen door… 

Cunoasterea buna a terenului de catre rangeri si un pic de noroc ne-au ajutat sa obtinem unele dintre cele mai bune imagini cu lupi de pana acum. Este inca un rezultat al monitorizarii sistematice a faunei cu camerele cu senzori in Parcul National Piatra Craiului. Locul unde au fost filmati lupii face parte din suprafata de 350ha de padure proprietate de stat care urmeaza sa fie introdusa in zona de protectie a parcului. Decizia a fost luata in urma consultarilor avute cu colegii de la Directia Silvica Brasov, cu acordul Regia Nationala a Padurilor – Romsilva si a primit recent si aprobarea Departamentului Paduri din Ministerul Mediului, Apelor si Padurilor, fiind inclusa in planul de management al parcului. Zona este de mare interes turistic si peisagistic (Botorog, Valea Zanogii, Valea Curmaturii), cuprinde habitate forestiere in stare naturala si gazduieste specii protejate de fauna.#rarmaivezianimalesalbatice

Gepostet von Mircea Verghelet am Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2020

2. The Guardian: A rewilding triumph: wolves help to reverse Yellowstone degradation.

Wolves restored the failing ecosystem in the Yellowstone National Park:

“Within about 10 years, willows rebounded. In 20, the aspen began flourishing. Riverbanks stabilized. Songbirds returned as did beavers, eagles, foxes and badgers. “And those are just the things we have the time and funding to study,” said Smith. “There are probably myriad other effects just waiting to be discovered.”

“While the restoration of wolves in Yellowstone has cost about $30m, wolf ecotourism brings in $35m annually, in an economic boom for the surrounding communities. Yellowstone is unique in the world as the best place to observe wild wolves, which are generally shy, reclusive and favor remote areas. This is as true for scientists as it is tourists, and as a result, wolf research in the park is considered far more advanced than anywhere else.”

3. Someone Who Got To Know Wolves Lists The Things We Might Not Know About Them: