Find everything about Camots.

Hi, my name is Camots and I rule! I am a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, born 06.May 2008 and I have beautiful ears, they are very special 😉 Also, my coat, nature and teeth are very much like the ones of my wolf ancestors – unfortunately not my stomach, this is why I am picky with what I eat! I enjoy sleeping for 18 hours per day and being challenged the rest of the day`s time: ideally with searching my Kong in the forest, going after it in “Extreme Enduro” fashion – no obstacle can stop me. Sometimes I am putting on my harness and pull the skateboard with my buddy volk on it (the lazy bugger…). My favorite place is the car and it is purposefully labeled “My ride” since it gets me from A to B over the longer distances. It is also my living room, since I do not like to be left home alone. Volk bought this cage for me and placed it in front of our house under the old carport – but this is ridiculous, no way! But when volk has things to do, I don`t mind hanging in the car, which is cool, since I can watch the world go by through the window. It reminds me, that I am a true World-Traveller (for business of course…) – since I have already been in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Hungary and Romania! The few times I am at home at night, I watch TV, preferably shows with dogs in them – these get me totally excited! Ok, gotta go, I am off to work! (chasing the Kong…) More later! C ya