Some Photos – Hunter

This is Hunter, my baby and best buddy. The Photos: …

“Typisch TWH” – und doch Riesen Unterschiede von Fall zu Fall

Eine Art Tagebuch zum Wesen von TWH Hunti…  "Typisch TWH"…

Meeting wolfes

Out there… with the CRAZIES

Yesterday I went out with the “crazies”… Martin asked…

Three months update (ca. 1000km) on my first e-mtb

It took FOREVER for me to flip the switch and decide on my…

I was robbed of my dream of of a GT free life

Wow... I notice lots of heated discussions, anger, hate... about…

Attitude changes @ Boeing…?

This week's developments in the Boeing crisis: Weak crisis…

Boeing… Boing Boing

After the earnings announcement this week, experts estimate that…

Notre Dame

Starting a new thread on the topic of the recent Notre Dame fire…

Command & Conquer – Countdown for “Remastered” high res release

I have been a huge "C&C" fan. With friends we used to spend…

Running your Android Smartphone with 2-3 different Google user accounts

Running your Android Smartphone with 2-3 different Google user accounts

First street-legal e-scooter in Germany

Looks like the first street-legal e-scooter just made it's appearance…


For many of us, plastic-pollution of the oceans is one of the…

Helmet law

Just read this article (and the comments) about different helmet…

Alexa, you slut…

Congratulations..., Amazon's Alexa is not only bravely tolerating…

Micro Mobility / Last Mile transportation

20 years ago, I made my choice for "last mile transportation" bought a longboard (skate) and learned how to ride it.I never saw the need to park close to the office or home - and despise people who drive loops on the shopping centre parking until they found a spot close to the entrance.

Boeing crisis – Are 346 people dead because of “Business Decisions” @ Boeing?

So many questions... (Boeing) - Will there be a criminal investigation? Now that there are hundreds of people dead, families destroyed and everyone worried about air-travel? - have the cost savings and "cutting corners" been driven by greed or incompetence? - did the Boeing CEO really pocket a $30 million salary last year? - are the crashes caused by design flaws of the Boeing 737 Max? - is the over 40 years old design of the airframe up for today's tasks? - have the pilots been trained sufficiently and are there simulators available for this aircraft? - Why did it take a 2nd crash for the world to wake up?- Who will ever (voluntarily...) enter a Boeing aircraft again?

Scott Englund “Never ride alone”

not too bad. Scott Englund "Never ride alone..." trailer Epic…

lane splitting

I just read an article about lane splitting to become legal in…

another brick in the wall 2.0 – smartphone use and social media consumption

The 2019 version of creating / managing the sheep... "Another…

Some of my video work

Check out some of the video I have edited / created. Warning: some porn here... 😉 (Enduro-Porn!)

Special Forces

Special Forces... Wolves! Elite Canadian Wolves Airdropped Into Michigan to Kill Moose and Have Babies The new arrivals bring the total wolf population of Isle Royale National Park to eight.



Elon Musk says electric scooters lack dignity, but truly sustainable mobility will require more than Tesla

Elon Musk says electric scooters lack dignity, but truly sustainable mobility will require more than Tesla

accidents / e-scooters

And still... hardly anyone talks about the risks for the user. These little zippers go flat out as fast as I can go on my mountainbike - on 20cm toy wheels, without proper brakes and with (mostly) untrained, office type people 😉 at the handlebars.

toys… those scooters have a lifespan of just 30-90 days

"The companies began operating before a suitably robust industrial scooter existed, so they all used the same consumer models from companies like Xiaomi and Ninebot. According to some industry experts, those scooters have a lifespan of just 30-90 days before being broken beyond repair from nearly constant commercial misuse. Both Bird and Lime are working on their own industrial strength scooters, but neither has rolled them out to the public yet. "

stonewalled for weeks by Spiegel management

stonewalled for weeks by Spiegel management

Inside Facebook’s ‘cult-like’ workplace

Inside Facebook’s ‘cult-like’ workplace, where dissent is discouraged and employees pretend to be happy all the time

SCREEN real estate…

What's next after the smartphone? "Trillion dollar market" "Insatiable…

BMW e-scooter

e-scooter sharing was one of the biggest business surprises of…

A man who wants nothing has no price.

A man who wants nothing has no price.

Showing off… With a smartphone…?

Showing off... With a smartphone...?

How WOLVES can co-operate with humans just like dogs

How WOLVES can co-operate with humans just like dogs

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”

Quote from André Malraux. - The author of "Man's Fate". …

“Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.”

Quote by Aldous Huxley

Smartphone emissions

Remember the early days of mobile phones, when emissions where still a hot topic – together with the question “should you or should you not use a mobile phone?”

Non-toy scooter

And KTM would be the 2nd motorbike brand (after BMW) to introduce one - while the bicycle world is still asleep… It looks like riding rougher surfaces (cobblestone, gravel) would be possible, but even more important: one of the biggest headaches of the scooter sharing industry would be solved - WINTER.

Test Media Clipping

Verteidigungsministerin von der Leyen steht vor einer ihrer schwersten Niederlagen. Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen hat Finanzminister Scholz ihre Wünsche nach einem deutlich höheren Bundeswehrbudget abgeschmettert.

test card share plugin

test for card share pluginexample some wordpress pluginsfor news sites...

@ work

@work hacking-in some thoughts at the beach 🏖

Smartphone 📱

In the race for selling the "next generation" product and more importantly delivering on their sporty revenue projections, manufacturers are desperate for anything innovative. Current favorites are the foldable screen, 5G and "more camera lenses" - nothing that will get the mainstream consumer ready to separate from another EUR 1.500 for a new device (early adopters excluded...).

Visit Lisboa

don't rent a car, rent a bicycleuse metro, tram ferry and bus, but get a pre-paid "zipper" cardthe metro (and some of the busses) are deafening loud, many busses have worn out engines and - more importantly - worn out suspensions - if you have a fragile back, reconsider and stick to the car... 😉

“phone seat”

What do we have to do to make smartphone-cleaning part of everyone's daily routine - like brushing teeth?

Fakers Prefer to Play Victims Now, and the Press and Politicians Buying It Are Playing Into Trump’s Hands

Fakers Prefer to Play Victims Now, and the Press and Politicians Buying It Are Playing Into Trump’s Hands.

Fare well, my friend Camots.

Yesterday was the day I buried Camots. I found him a beautiful place on a hill in a fresh planted forest - and since he loved dirtbikes so much close to a Motocross track.


You had the purest soul, the biggest heart, the coolest outfit and were always up for creating some trouble. We will miss you and never forget – and hopefully we will meet again.

Off to the South…

Camots – beginnings

It all started, when I passed an animal shelter on a beautiful day of motorbike riding in February...The place is located on a hill overseeing a beautiful valley with a river - so I thought I might as well take a break and say hi to few imprisoned puppies.

Hi, I am CAMOTS!

Hi, my name is Camots and I rule! I am a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, born 06.May 2008 and I have beautiful ears, they are very special 😉

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Boeing… Boing Boing

Notre Dame