about this site

I know. . . , running and filling a website appears to be so “retro”, given the endless offerings of social media – but “retro” is the new “hip”, right? See custom motorbikes, vinyl, vintage clothing, bicycles etc…!
So why not run a good old-fashioned website and make it a home for my ideas, photos and text. While it serves as great playground to keep the writing sharp (ready to “weaponise words”…), it also displays the results of my camera work (photos) and video projects (mostly edits). It also keeps friends & family up to date about my latest adventures and… most importantly, I OWN my data & content! (and not a dubious social media NETWORK… 😉

Photos: There is a ton of photos here. I don’t consider myself a photographer or even an artist – but I love capturing the beautiful moments in life and like to direct attention to the small things. Taking these photos and sharing them reminds me to appreciate these things and to remember how beautiful life is. Therefore I despise “Filters” and most edits… However some cropping is done here and there and thats it…  All photos are copyright “Air7 – Volker Jacob”, they are free to share (and use) as long as they are not edited and the copyright is displayed.

What does “Air7” mean?
Air7 was the result of a private brand building exercise in my early freelance years. It doesn’t have a specific meaning or background and was supposed to be somewhat suitable for an adventure / Motorsports / lifestyle environment and good recognition. It came out of the idea, “what if I had to create a brand from scratch”, including the development of a logo, marketing etc. Today I keep using it, since I ended up liking it ;-). There are few entities “out there…” also using the name “Air7” by now – but there is no connection (or conflict).

about me

It is great to be alive.
I live as a “digital nomad” (currently in Portugal) and enjoy every moment of it.

What’s not to like about getting to ride awesome motorbikes, bicycles, skateboards and getting to walk & explore the most beautiful surroundings (how about Atlantic Ocean beaches….?) – while you work in cafes, at the beach, in the park, the van or the next co-working space??

Thats me… Loving life, dogs, bikes, blue sky, beach & waves and the planet.
#Atlantic Ocean rules.
#Portugal rocks.

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gotta love what you do
gotta love communications

Communications: a technique for expressing ideas effectively and a means of connecting people or places. “Communications people” are the connectors – we build the bridge between product and customer, between tech-talk and language and between business goals and success.

Sometimes we have the privilege of representing visionaries, communicating revolutionary products or just representing awesome teams, helping them to achieve their goals.

(Ideally… ), we are the ones understanding the “product” first – from within the development process – and have all the fun of explaining it to the world. We give sales-teams the tools to be successful and we put words into the mouths of corporate speakers before they hit the global stage.

We are giving little feet to the messages we helped shaping – and send them out into the channels we master: relationships, social media, media and advertising, analog and digital.
We love seeing managements repeat our words, journalists telling our stories and fans drooling over our content.
Before all that, there is “message development: drilling down into the core info of a defined environment, product or existing message, eliminating clutter, coolade, tech talk… and repackaging it for use as a precision tool: With only one goal in mind: RESULTS. Be it sales, shareholder value or strategic positioning. Never for (marketing-) self serving.

I love facilitating communications. Doing what you love for work is a privilege – and a first step towards becoming great at what you do. Combining this – with a passion for adding value and getting things done is a good recipe for success.
And who doesn’t like success…?
Gotta love communications.
Have fun “out there…”!

Contact: Volker Jacob

Telefon: +49 163 9095567

Some of my video work – have fun watching.

Btw. I created the term “Enduro Porn” (keeping the camera on the action, longtime, close-up, no “hectic cuts”) and “we live extreme… Enduro” for the Red Bull Romaniacs.

My first movie (produced with together with Michael Rusam)

My top vids 😉

Zig Zag action IIOffroad Day 1, Red Bull Romaniacs 2016 Check out Top-Dog Jarvis` crazy line!! (at minute 3.00)Camera: Kenny Cowburn, Carsten Darr, Rainer RaitmairSound: Awolnation Megalithic Symphony “Sail”Edit: Volker JacobHD-quality: Must watch on the big screen with volume on “Braap”.Youtube: https://youtu.be/P0k-_k3JnRo

Gepostet von Red Bull Romaniacs am Donnerstag, 8. September 2016

Porn star edit: long, hard, merciless…

“Porn Star Edit” – Long, Hard, Merciless.Offroad Day 1, Red Bull Romaniacs 2016 – Warning: Adults only! Material contains Enduro Porn and might seriously change your riding habits.Camera: Kenny Cowburn, Carsten Darr, Rainer Raitmair, Jeff Pakosta, Martin Wallmen, Martin Hautz Edit: Volker JacobSound: 2 Stroke!HD-quality: Must watch on the big screen with volume on “Braap”.Youtube: https://youtu.be/AnreoD7qSjA

Gepostet von Red Bull Romaniacs am Mittwoch, 14. September 2016

Idea, produced and directed. Camera and edit: Michael Rusam.

We Live Extreme… Enduro!

Pre-event address of Red Bull Romaniacs GM and founder Martin FreinademetzDo not come unprepared.You will get wet.Stay safe "Out there…"!Video by: Michael Rusam

Gepostet von Red Bull Romaniacs am Samstag, 21. Juli 2018

Some Enduro porn….

Some Extreme Enduro eye candy: Red Bull Romaniacs Offroad Day 1, 2016, near MalaiaYoutube: https://youtu.be/VdweOsBPNtUSound track: Awolnation Megalithic Symphony, SailCamera: Martin WallmenEdit: Volker Jacob

Gepostet von Red Bull Romaniacs am Montag, 29. August 2016

“Prologue walk” filmed (with 2 smartphones…), edited (during the event, ca. 90mins…) and published.

Prolog walk

Pre-Prologue walk with Cody Webb, Darryl Curtis and Mario Roman 74 at the Red Bull Romaniacs 2018Video: Volker Jacob, Red Bull Romaniacs

Gepostet von Red Bull Romaniacs am Montag, 23. Juli 2018

“Nations” vid, filmed (smartphone), edited and published – in “no-time”…


The nations presentations of the Red Bull Romaniacs "Epic Edition 15"

Gepostet von Red Bull Romaniacs am Montag, 23. Juli 2018

Me, myself and a “stranger” in video-selfie – @work.

out there today…

Gepostet von Volker Jacob am Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2016

My baby.