The CDC is studying e-scooter injuries

March 15

An investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is probing the reported spike in injuries related to the use of electric scooters. The devices, among the latest transportation fads, have become ubiquitous on many U.S. streets and sidewalks.

The CDC is working in collaboration with the Austin Public Health Department in “developing and evaluating methods to find and count the number of injuries related to dockless electric scooters,” a CDC spokeswoman said.

The investigation, the first from the CDC into scootermania injuries, comes after spreading reports of injuries and deaths related to scooters in cities including the District, Los Angeles and Dallas; it also follows recent news of scooter failures and breakdowns.

The devices, which became wildly popular soon after entering U.S. markets a year ago, are in dozens of cities nationwide and have led to a new category of injuries in emergency rooms. Cases of broken noses, wrists and shoulders, along with facial lacerations and fractures have been reported since last summer.