Running your Android Smartphone with 2-3 different Google user accounts

Any smartphone today is a force of nature in terms of productivity. My main “workhorse” is a 17″ MacBook Pro and I have an additional i7 PC laptop for some Windows stuff and storage. But nowadays, most of my stuff gets done on my Galaxy Note 8 (Android) smartphone (blogging, social media, skype, email, reading, research). The only limitations are “screen real estate” and the dreadful typing on the touchscreen. Both problems can easily be eliminated by attaching a full size USB keyboard and HDMI monitor via USB-C hub (more later…). The processing capabilities, connectivity and storage options are more than sufficient and easily handle the tasks at hand.

One thing I only learned recently – and wish I would have known earlier – is the use of the smartphone with different Google accounts – only this unlocks the real potential of an Android device. It is quite easy to create an additional Google account and add it to the device. Once done, you will realize that the OS is all up for this and fully supportive! With 2-3 different accounts, it is much more effective to utilize newsfeeds (e. g. in different languages) create different sets of favorites in the variety of apps and services (private / business, YouTube favorites), and use different identities for reviews and comments (the sophisticated you vs. the ranting not so much you…).