Here is an unexpected phenomena of the crisis:
Work-related, I live in Romania. And love the people and the way of living (in the particular area of Sibiu). People are warm-hearted, very social, friendly and hospitable.
Every time I travel internationally or just talk to international friends, especially from Western Europe, I get surprised by people’s negative opinion about and attitude towards Romanians.
Most of you know the reason… Most of the criminals from Romania have developed their “operating territory” outside of Romania and destroy Romania’s reputation with burglary, theft, prostitution and stealing. And there are hundred thousands of them. Not only do they destroy the reputation of the country, but also the reputation of the honest Romanians, who work and live abroad, have their houses and their families, their center of lives in their new home country. And most importantly, something many friends refuse to believe: the crime-rate in Romania is much lower then in most western countries.
Now, in times of crisis and isolation, those (upright) Romanians naturally stay in their new homes and continue to work. But all the criminals (an expected 400k, mostly Gypsies) are returning to Romania. This creates a wave of fear and huge opportunity at the same time: Most Romanians are now afraid of the crime rate going up – and it has already started: with increased numbers of burglaries in homes and small shops. The positive side of this “phenomena” is, that if Romania manages to track and contain these criminals, the countries (and people’s) international reputation will drastically improve, which might not be a bad thing in the times of crisis to come.