“phone seat”

I have a question…
How often do you clean your smartphone?

Here are some facts:
– The average person washes hands 5-7 times a day. Some even use a “sanitizer” after they have shaken your hand…
– A smartphone is a really nasty germ farm (studies say “The average smartphone screen is more than three times dirtier than a toilet seat”)

So… if smartphones are considered quite “dirty”, how come

– you have an insatiable urge to touch the screen of my phone?? Are we acting like dogs, who pee to mark their territory…?
– you are coming from the toilet, where you have surely used your phone, you have been a good boy and washed your hands – and then stick them right back on your phone! and later on mine…
– you have washed your hands 3 times today and not cleaned your phone for how many weeks…?

What do we have to do to make smartphone-cleaning part of everyone’s daily routine – like brushing teeth?