Notre Dame

Starting a new thread on the topic of the recent Notre Dame fire – there are some interesting observations in the aftermath of the catastrophe…

News are feeding of bad things: catastrophes, crashes, violence, etc.

Seldom enough there is some hope or a positive grain in the news – a positive element or outcome in a truly negative situation. E.g. Notre Dame. France almost loses a national icon – and while the news are milking every angle of it, the world stands together and wants to help. Even US president Donald Trump offers free fire fighting advice… ;-). But everyone shows empathy and the tycoons draw their chequebooks.

And then something weird happens. Instead of appreciation and gratitude, the ugly face of hate appears. Those who just can’t get enough negative news, the haters and complainers, needy for some attention for themselves. They compare the value of the French cathedral with the value of human life, remind us that the rainforests are being burned down (for palm oil) and that immigrants are drowning in the Mediterranean sea.

We know that. But if these haters are so passionate about it, what have they done positive to contribute and lessen the impacts? Except sitting behind their computer or smartphone in their mother’s basement – spilling their hate?

Well, even those who don’t own a computer or can’t afford mobile internet, might still find a “yellow vest” in their mother’s car…

A different perspective on the catastrophe is given by Slate magazine:

Slate: Why Does It Always Take a Crisis to Get Something Fixed?.