I was robbed of my dream of of a GT free life

Wow… I notice lots of heated discussions, anger, hate… about the climate, about a protesting child (GT) and about our world being a terrible place….
Maybe some of those angry people should go outside from time to time and enjoy the nature you are protesting for – or a sunset – believe it or not: it is still free…
And by the way… the world will not change from spilling hate, posting emotional content on Facebook or intolerance to different opinions.
The world can change – by each of us making a first step. Thinking differently, Buying differently, Voting differently.

Do you think, I am not annoyed when walking across a city and breathing the exhaust fumes of those who are to lazy to walk?? And for paying part of their medical bills with my health insurance – because their lifestyle and nutrition have made them sick? Yes, it annoys me. But spilling hate or protesting will not change a thing. But keeping walking, bringing friends along and having fun will do.
And btw., those who scream and protest for “radical change” will be the first ones RIOTING once the gas-prices go up to 5 Euro and they can’t afford their daily steak, pack of cigarettes or car anymore.

Change starts with us. Not with protest.
Change starts with learning, decency, motivation, positive examples.
Change starts with us, making a positive first step. Not with anarchy, anger & hate.

But one change is already happening for sure – people are getting more ignorant by the hour, failing to appreciate what they have.

The ones who are ALREADY vegetarian, preach against eating meat, the ones not owning (and needing…) a car preach against the auto-industry and fossil fuels. They are doing bothing but trying to sell their own way of life, ultimately looking for an advantage.
How about making an effort and do something REAL to make the world a better place. Something constructive.
It is so easy to PROTEST from within you r comfort zones.