A horrible crime overshadows the holiday season in Germany. A mother and her eight year old son were pushed in front of a train in the Frankfurt main station, the child died. Reason: lust to kill, rage. Suspect: a Eritrean migrant from Switzerland.

The media is flooded with reporting and opinions about the crime, but certain angels are missing in the bigger picture:

– the Eritrean migrant came from Switzerland, which has a massive problem with a flood of out of control Eritreans

– next to reporting the incident in most dramatic colors, the media immediately revved up to lecture readers how they are supposed to feel and think about the crime (“the fact that the suspect is a Eritrean migrant is irrelevant”)

– while it is not irrelevant, politics and media will achieve the opposite of what they are intending: attempting to prohib opinions and free thinking will drive even more people into the arms of the right wing quacksalvers, in the German case the AFD

– the problem is not that the criminal is Eritrean, but member of a minority isolated from society: these people are mostly ignored and avoided in society. if they enter a shopping mall, they can’t satisfy their need to shop, if they apply for a job, there is usually resistance, if they see beautiful women in the summer city and approach them they face disgust and fear. All this can only lead to frustration and the fact that minorities like the Eritreans usually remain in their own circles, many hanging out drinking at train stations and… erupting from time to time. Doubts? Call a police officer in Aarau, Switzerland and ask about their experience with Eritreans.

– the only way to reduce this tension are working concepts of integration. until they are available, migrants must be brought under control – with government force and social pressure. if you are a seasoned traveller, you have learned that you’ll have to obey the rules in your host country. you can’t go to Saudi Arabia and do things the way you were used to at home (drinking, bare skin etc…) if you go to the US and you spit at a police officer (a treatment that German and Swiss police are used to by now), you will not like the consequences. Go to Thailand and deal drugs or drop your trash in Singapore – you will not like the consequences either.

– the topic of migration is the main driver for right-wing Pied Pipers to grow influence – while the other side drives people into their arms by calling every different opinion from theirs “nazi” or “right”. For example, I will face hate-comments for what I am writing here.

– Go 2000km away from Germany, try to find the most remote farmer in the East or the West – and ask them about Germany and immigration. They will respond: “Merkel screwed up”. If a German talks publicly about the immigration problem, he faces a good chance of being called a “Nazi”. And just to avoid any misinterpretation: I love Merkel, she earned the right to make a mistake and she RULES.


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