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accidents / e-scooters

And still… hardly anyone talks about the risks for the user. These little zippers go flat out as fast as I can go on my mountainbike – on 20cm toy wheels, without proper brakes and with (mostly) untrained, office type people 😉 at the handlebars.

toys… those scooters have a lifespan of just 30-90 days

“The companies began operating before a suitably robust industrial scooter existed, so they all used the same consumer models from companies like Xiaomi and Ninebot. According to some industry experts, those scooters have a lifespan of just 30-90 days before being broken beyond repair from nearly constant commercial misuse. Both Bird and Lime are working on their own industrial strength scooters, but neither has rolled them out to the public yet. “

SCREEN real estate…

What’s next after the smartphone? “Trillion dollar market” “Insatiable appetite: But both our appetite and capacity for digesting visual information is tremendous. We love screens, and the bigger the better.” “10 years”…  

BMW e-scooter

e-scooter sharing was one of the biggest business surprises of 2018 – and keeps promising huge profits. The first hype is gone and the news start filling up with accident reports. It was just a question of time until the public realized that the hardware was just “toy-grade”, mostly provided by one single manufacturer in […]