Looking for Adoption / Family only / Ideally with other dogs, animals / large property, farm


This is Hunti Banti, my baby and best buddy. He is looking for a new home.

Hunti is a pure-bred Czechoslovakian Wolfdog with papers, 2,5 years old, castrated.

Hunti Banti is EXTREMELY social, he literally thrives on contact to people and animals. I can’t provide him that: I am single and living alone with him. And as I could see over the last months, this situation is not good for him.

Hunti needs a “large pack” a big family with lots of life and at least one person that is ALWAYS around, when everybody else is gone. I have met a family like this – and Hunti has spent lots of time with them. And I could see how it invigorates him, how he is so much more happy and alive! Unfortunately they can’t adopt him.

This is why I am starting to look for a new home for him now, I can’t provide him the environment he deserves.

  • He is a great guy and I love him to pieces.
  • He is very friendly, zero aggressive, obedient and still full of “silly teenager ideas” and life and joy.
  • He is also a wolfdog, majestic, strong-minded and with great instincts.
  • But wolfdogs (more later) and especially previously surrendered ones, can’t stay alone / separated for longer periods of time from their owner. Hunti definitely has “abandonment anxiety” and is terrified of staying alone (being left behind).

This was the main reason, why he was surrendered from his previous owners in December, when I adopted him. If you would try (I did…), he first starts complaining, whining and howling, then tries to destroy anything in reach and escape (to follow you).

During this form of distress, he will take psychological damage, leading to an alteration of his personality and later physical damage (get sick). I have tried it now for over 7 months, spent 24/7 with him – and tried to manage this situation. But living alone, in a single household, this is not possible. Even if I have a dentist appointment, he needs a dogsitter.

This is one reason, why Hunti needs a “large pack” a big family with lots of life and at least one person that is ALWAYS around, when everybody else is gone. I have met a family like this – and Hunti has spent lot of time with them. And I could see how it invigorates him, how he is so much more happy and alive!

This is the main reason, why I am starting to look for a new home for him, to give him a better suited environment and the life he deserves. But also my living situation (housing) has changed and there are health reasons.

The key is to find him a BETTER home that what he has now.

This is why there will be some checking and then an extensive “get to know phase” for potential new owners (about 6 weeks of mutual walks and “guest stay-overs”). Only if Hunti falls in love with the new potential owner family and becomes friends with their dog, he can be adopted. Obviously, this is only possible if you are in the same area or willing to visit for a few weeks…

The family should be a large household of at least five with at least one person always available to be there for him or take him with (yes he rides in the car like a pro). Another dog (same age, 2-3years) would be beneficial. Hunti can only live inside – with the family: He must be an integrated part of the family – not a remote animal that lives in the yard.

The new owners MUST display an understanding, that Hunti can’t be left on his own regularly or for longer periods of time – before we even meet.

And, again, Hunti should only be kept inside the house/apartment with the owners and with (voluntary) access to yard (he will not use the yard if the owners do not join him there…).

Please DO NOT contact me if you:

  • Go to work every day and there is no-one in the house to be there for him
  • If you are single or a small family without another dog
  • If you are planning to keep him in the yard instead of in the house
  • If you live in a small place, centrally in the city (no access to outdoors or parc)
  • If you are not an “outdoor person” and not willing / able to spend a lot of time outside with him in the nature (hiking, camping…)
  • If you are not able / willing to walk him at least twice a day
  • If you have no talent / experience to manage / control / train a large dog: this needs some decisiveness, consequence, timing and authority!

Some more info about Hunti:

  • Is EXTREMELY social, needs constant interaction with others
  • He has a great character, is very friendly, funny, good humoured, always interested in meeting new people (curious to strangers) and animals, loves visitors at the house and enjoys them
  • Walks perfectly on and off the leash
  • Knows a variety of commands and is quite obedient (for a wolfdog…), pulls me on the skateboard
  • Is clean, respects owners household and things, does not destroy things and is used to sleep in his own (dog-) bed
  • Is very healthy and fit (wolfdogs…)
  • Perfect submission to owner
  • Great with kids
  • Absolutely quiet and respectful in the house, sleeps through at night without any noise
  • Rides in the car without problems
  • Eats everything is used to dry food and BARF
  • Is quiet and peaceful in the house loves to sleep next to the desk where I work or the couch where I chill…
  • – Can’t be left alone
  • – Is hoggish (grew up with a Labrador – always wants to eat), Steals food…
  • – Like every large dog and especially wolfdogs, he needs a consequent, strong hand and authority to keep his boundaries

And last not least: Hunti is so friendly, he almost appears naive. But do not be fooled. He is also a highly alert and capable protect dog: This weekend, his human girlfriend took him to a restaurant terrace with some friends. A drunk Gipsy approached them to beg for some money. When they denied, he raised his hand and his voice… Hunti was asleep behind the Table…. Within a split second, Hunti was in the air, with a roaring attack sound and struck the attacker into the leg. Nobody, including me, considered this possible (because of his friendly, playful nature).

Please get in touch for more info and feel free to join us on a walk anytime.

Feel free to also get in touch if you want to spend some time with Hunti and get to know him (without intend to adopt) – it might help to “increase our network” and improve the current situation.

And finally: Hunti will only get adopted, if I really find a better place. If not… we will manage.

Volker Jacob

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Phone Whatsapp: +49 163 90 955 67

More Info / Background: https://www.air7.de/

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